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    Mrs.Thompson is the worst scumbag you could have ever seen in your life. She really plays favorites in her class. I asked what a word meant during a test and she did not give me an answer, but then her favorite walked up and got the answer of my exact question. Please FIRE Mrs.Thompson. She took away my phone for being in my desk. She gave me 3 minutes to complete a five page assignment
    By Logan Caleen _ Student - WestLakeMS, March 11, 2018
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    Do not buy a house zoned to Salem Elem. This school does not have proper janitorial services. There are issues with children both male and female using the bathroom floor to relieve themselves both #1 and #2. Clean up is not attended to promptly or appropriately. The children must sweep and clean in the cafeteria at lunch and are only given one paper towel and a spray bottle of water to clean the cafeteria table. They assign one kid to take all the dirty trays up for the entire table. It is like a prison. It may be prior to 2017/2016 before all the "busing in" that the school was okay, but it is NOT in 2017.
    By janice russick, March 07, 2018
  • The Learning Experience is an awesome daycare center and preschool. The teachers and staff are amazing. They genuinely care for the children and provide a wonderful learning experience.
    By Jessica Wrenn, March 02, 2018
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    Worst place ever. I am a disabled vet and the employee refused to ring up my order because he said my vehicle was too close to their handicap ramp. Didn't say anything till I was standing at the register with my money out ready to purchase. Said he wasn't ringing me up till I moved. There was still enough room for anyone in a wheelchair to still use the ramp. My mother is handicapped and I am a disabled vet and just didn't see the spots marked because it was dark when I drove in. Employee was very rude. I will be telling everyone I know and posting everywhere I can telling people not to go here. I also am now boycotting this place. Completely uncalled for. I have had multiple bad service at this place but this incident has finally made me boycott this place. I have had employees ring me up wrong then when I tell them there was an error they can't even do basic math to correct it.
    By Vance CM, January 23, 2018

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